Boxes, Love, and Patience.

January 4, 2016

 So...this box.  This is our first package that has been mailed to us.  It's a miracle we got it.  Even more so, the love behind it astounds me.  You see, the person who sent it has never met us.  She is someone who has chosen to love on us, pray for us, encourage us, and send us Christmas presents even in the midst of her own health crisis and busy life.


And even more than the (absolutely perfect, amazingly appropriate, fulfilling my children's desires) gifts in the box, we know it was sent with so much love!


The package didn't get to us for Christmas (more on that in a moment), but it came at a perfect time as our family enters a challenging season where the kids could use a bit of extra love (and entertainment).


The way God moves in the hearts of people to support us in what He has called us to do is staggering in it's mercy and goodness, and we are so thankful for the people He uses to bless us!


If you are ever wondering about mailing us a package, here is how things went down.


(This does not include the hours and dollars spent state-side):


About a month after we expected the box, we went to the post office to be told we would receive a notice to come pick it up upon arrival in Kitwe.


After another week, we returned and were told nothing had ever come to our name or address.


After yet another week (second week in November now), we returned to be told there was no notice again.


We waited two weeks, returned again only to be told we needed a tracking number (this was new information despite our asking repeatedly if we needed one at previous visits).


We returned, again, the first week of December with a tracking number to be told the box was in Lusaka.  We were hopeful at this point since it was in the correct country!


The next week we visitied to be told there was no record of the package (we did not lose hope at this point, trusting that maybe it was in transit to Kitwe).


Finally, Andy returned and was told that the package arrived in Kitwe in OCTOBER and had been waiting all this time at Zambian Revenue Authority for us.  However, ZRA is open only 3 hours a week.  And this was a holiday week.  So it wasn't open at all.


Today we returned at 09:00 to pick up our package.  The office opened at 09:30.  Andy got our package (we paid the tariff of K25...that's about $2.50) and came home with it!!!!



Now I expect HOURS of slience.


Thank you, dear friend. 

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