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November 2, 2015

Almost 8 weeks.  We've been here almost 8 weeks.  It doesn't feel like November (it's 90 today), and it doesn't feel like 8 weeks.


The past few days have been heavy ones with much uncertainty, many decisions, and sleepless nights, so I thought a light-hearted post was in order.


I struggled with packing to move here.  I didn't know what we would need or want.  There are things I wished I had packed (more comfort food and candy, more books for the kids, durable water bottles, art supplies, good hand sanitizer, storage containers, a Swiffer), but really, anything we NEED we can get.  Except good ice cream.  And electricity.  And reliable water.


But here are some things I am glad we brought.  I am sure the list will change with time.


Bug tents:  we have gotten some mosquito nets for over beds.  But when you don't have beds, and are sleeping on mattresses on the floor (or directly on the floor if you are Gideon), these are the best!  And since you zip yourself in, you know nothing is going to be in there with you!



These are a true luxury.  We had two chairs for camping and brought them with us.  Everything here is hard tile and concrete, so sitting on something other than hard floor or a bin that we use as luggage, is a treat.

 We would not survive without these (and I don't think IKEA makes them anymore).  We have had power for only 12 hours a day lately.  These solar lights we found for half-off at IKEA have been great!  Many people here have generators or invertors, but we haven't invested in either yet.  

 This thing is ou life-saver!  Dump the (opaque, gritty) water in, and fresh, safe water comes out!  Many of our friends buy water (and we keep some on-hand since we have had water for only a few hours every day), but this filter is conveneint and easy.  (Plus our friends who are "real missionaries," the kind who lived in the bush in a tent, have one.  So that makes it legit.)

 These were given to me buy a dear friend.  Norwex dish cloths.  When you wash everything by hand in a hot, humid climate, getting  dishrag clean and unstinky is impossible.  Unless you have these.  Worth more than I can say.

 Lego.  Only toy that came on the plane.  Worth the whole suitcase it took.

 Squashed ziplocs.  You can get these here.  In bags of 10 for about $4.  Hot, humid, buggy climate.  Ziplos are awesome (and I earn brownie points for keeping one in my purse for a "barf bag"...which we have needed).

 Gorilla tape.  I now hide this from my husband.  Already fixed our new trashcan, some plumbing, a window, and more with this.  Stays in my purse.

 Also in my purse (but it was as useful in the states, too).  This totally gives me missionary street cred.


Those are the things that stand out the most as things we are glad we brought.  We did have to buy super glue here within the first few days, but at least we can find it.  


This list would be very different if we were here for just a few weeks or a month (you can do almost anything for a month), but if you want to move here, I recommend these things (along with clothes and underwear)!

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